Monday, 2 February 2009

At the other end of the scale

In contrast to Jean Macleod's '£68' it's been reported that Girls Aloud singer, Cheryl Cole, is to get $7 million to write 4-5 romance novels. I love the quote that “She hadn’t previously thought of writing, but she’s come around to the idea.”

Off to bang my head on my desk (actually not a good idea given I'm recovering from a head injury but I'm sure you get the gist...) 


Jackie Ashenden said...

Just one question: Why? Surely the publishers must be desperate. Of course, silly me, being famous naturally means you can write as well. Poor girl. I guess if you were offered $7 million, you'd come round to the idea too.
Thing is, if she writes them, people will have to buy them and I can think of a number of famous people who have tried to write books and failed miserably.

Maybe I'm just being a snob. Maybe she'll discover a hithertofore undiscovered talent. ;-)

Joanne Cleary said...

Ahem ... no ... I don't think so!! This is the girl who was convicted of assaulting a toilet attendant in a nightclub. I'm all for giving people a second chance but recently she's come out and said she would do the same thing again. Not the greatest of role models.

I wonder if I lost 3 stone and died my eyes brown they would give me the money. ;-)

Lorraine said...

I bet they'll get a ghost-writer in!

Sorry Jo, I think you'll need to have lots of top ten hits and work with Simon Cowell first ;-)

Suzanne said...

That is so not fair.

But I suppose publishing is a business and if they think that her name will sell books then they'll be keen to get her on board regardless of any writing talent (I agree about the ghost writer).