Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Feel Good Films

While tackling the ironing I watched what has become my favourite romcom - 'Music and Lyrics' with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant (not a usual Hugh Grant vehicle for those who would be put off by his presence!).
It never fails to make me feel good. The combination of really funny dialogue, the heroine being a wannabe writer and a happy ending all help!
Here are some memorable quotes from the film:

Sophie Fisher: That's wonderfully sensitive... especially from a man who wears such tight pants. 
Alex Fletcher: It forces all the blood to my heart. 

Alex Fletcher: You'll be fine, just use your normal, nice voice that I've heard... so much over the last three days.
Alex Fletcher: Just a little bit louder, because this song is intended for humans, okay? Way Back Into Love, take two

Couldn't help thinking about the film in terms of writing though (e.g. 'Ooh, good black moment', 'nice conflict'). Not sure if I'm obsessed or if this is a good sign that I'm thinking like a writer...

Any other feel good film suggestions anyone?


Jackie Ashenden said...

Wow, you're up early Lorraine! :-)
I must get this movie out. You recommended it before but I haven't seen it yet. Better get to it huh? Sounds very funny!

Feel good films... God, my mind has gone completely blank! Um...Princess Bride is always a classic of mine - even my daughter now says "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die."

Oh, just thought of it, The English Patient. Best tragic love story ever (okay maybe not quite ever, but pretty good!). But that's not really feel good is it?? Micahel Ondaatji writes great love stories for a man, pity they never end happily. I guess that's 'literature' for you. No HEAs there. :-)

Lorraine said...

The husband had to leave early (in the heavy and still falling snow) so I dragged myself out of bed to make him a flask of hot tea and make sure he wore a vest etc... (See I do care really!) Thankfully the car is an automatic so he can drive with one foot!

I love the Princess Bride. Kid's films are usually quite good if you're feeling a bit iffy.

Well Jane Eyre has a HEA (if you can forget the blindness and disfigurement!). All of Jane Austen too. Can't think of a modern example though. Never mind. I have become a definite fan of HEA, even if it isn't fashionable :-)

Joanne Cleary said...

I've got a brain freeze. The one with Tiffany out of Eastenders and Hugh Grant. Nice squidgy ending. For some of the characters anyway!

I'm rubbish on films because I can't usually manage to stay awake throughout a full one! TV programmes can be full on inspiration to make a struggling writer feel better.

Some examples:

NCIS (think Michael Wetherley)
Grey's Anatomy (think Dr Alex oh yum yum!!)
Brothers & Sisters (think all the brothers, I'm not picky!)
Desperate Housewives (I just love Lynette's husband)

Fabulous writing in all of those programmes, that's why I watch them. Honestly.

Lorraine said...

That's right Jo,
Keep telling yourself it's 'research'.
BTW I do think Michael Weatherly, frequently ;-)

Suzanne said...

I love films - I have too many favourites to list.

If you want to watch under the guise of research, though, you should read (if you haven't already) 'Writing The Romantic Comedy' by Billy Mernit. I've been singing its praises to anyone who'll listen. Aimed primarily at screen writers, a lot of the advice is applicable to any romance writer. It's very readable, and the only downside is that if you want to watch a film for enjoyment, the techniques used by the writer will be too apparent.

Does it sound like I'm on commission?

Anyhow, I had to get my copy from because UK Amazon only had second hand copies.

Sorry for hijacking your comments and going off on a tangent.


Lorraine said...

Suzanne - you're welcome to go off on a tangent any time you like :-)
I think I've heard someone recommending Billy Mernit before so I'll try to get hold of a copy some time.