Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Billionaires, Yachts and Heroes

I'm taking a break from my editing angst to share some pictures of my recent jaunt (ahem, I mean v. important business trip) to the Cotes D'Azur. I was struck by what a great location it would make for a Modern Heat story and while I was there planned my latest idea sitting on the beach at Cannes. Wonderful to remember what sunshine is after a bleak UK winter :-)
Sadly there were no celebrities to spot  out of film festival season but we did eat at a restaurant that Brad Pitt was supposed to have visited and walked on the red carpet at the festival centre.

We also got the train across to Monaco and ogled the monster yachts in the harbour there - it's not called the playground of the rich for nothing, some were four stories high and had not one but TWO large jacuzzis on deck. Thought about giving my hero a yacht but wondered if it was too show-offy. Then I remembered an article I read last year about a real life millionaire 'hero' who lives on a yacht but is actually very ethical and sound (not to mention good looking too ;-). He even has a hero name - Blake. You can read about him here if you're interested (purely for research purposes, of course !)

Before our flight home we had time for a quick visit to the casino at Monte Carlo, film location for a couple of the Bond films. I was again inspired by all sorts of possible 'heroine in distress rescued by hero' story-lines... But as I already have two new stories to write once the ms goes off to the RNA's New Writers' Scheme I shall put those on the back-burner for now.

If anyone wants some more inspiration I found this article - how to live like a billionaire.
Hope you've enjoyed your brief trip to fantasy land :-)


Jackie Ashenden said...

Great pics, Lorraine! I have trip envy! The most exciting place we're going to so far this year is Ohope - the equivalent of maybe going, think of a small town near a beach and you'll have it. Not very Modern Heat sadly.

Lorraine said...

Never heard of Ohope I'm afraid. Sydney was pretty Modern Heat although I expect that feels like years ago now!

Suzanne said...

Lovely photots. It looks so WARM there (sighs wistfully).

Thanks for the links.

Lorraine said...

Thanks Suzanne,

It was amazing what difference just 10 or 15 degrees made. I'm still down south at the moment but just thinking about going back up to Scotland is making me feel cold.

Joanne Cleary said...

Wow Lorraine! Those pictures are fantastic. I feel warm just looking at them. You wouldn't know it was February with all that blue sky.

I don't think I can remember clear blue sky here since ... well maybe 2000 was a nice sunny year I think.