Saturday, 28 February 2009

Introducing a heroine

Sorry, today's picture doesn't compare to yesterday's but I'm a serious writer you know - it's not all ogling nice men in the name of research ;-)

This is Sophie Fletcher, my heroine for 'The Billionaire's Bridal Bet'. She's fled to the south of France, a place that holds happy memories for her, to lick her wounds. Her seemingly charming ex turned out to be a liar who fleeced her of her savings, leaving her with a bankrupt business and serious trust issues.

She's taken a job on the Cote D'Azur where she meets fellow employee, Luke (aka our undercover billionaire). Soon it's not just temperatures on the beach that are sizzling (LOL) and she finds herself having to rethink her decision to have a break from men. 

The idea is that the conflict should build naturally as Luke and Sophie become close - his need to deceive to achieve his objective (be loved for himself and not defined by his money) should clash nicely with her need to trust the man she loves.

One huge Black Moment followed by some character growth and I'll have my HEA. All I've got to do next is write the thing (and also complete my languishing 'Maverick Millionaire'). 

Is it advisable to write two stories at the same time? I want to write them both and I think I'm a bit tired of 'rules'. I want to write for fun for a bit and I think it might be good for me :-)


Joanne Cleary said...

I think if you're writing and it's fun, do whatever works for you. I know that's sitting on the fence a bit!!

It might be quite good to write some of one story and then do the other for a few chapters to stay fresh and interested in each.

Unfortunately I have a hard time organising myself so I would be useless at organising 2 heroes/heroines at the same time. :-)

Suzanne said...

Although it's a craft and has rules, writing's also an art - so I think you should do whatever it takes to make it fun. And if that means writing two books at the same time then go for it.

Romy said...

I think it was Michelle Willingham who recently wrote on eHarlequin that to prevent herself getting side-tracked by new ideas, she writes a synopsis for the new idea and that usually kills the urge to write it right away.

Having said that, I often have 2 on the go at once, but concentrate on one for at least a month before allowing myself a diversion with the other. It really helps to write something completely different when you're really struggling with the current WIP.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Hey, you're looking at the queen of the simultaneous story. I'm a serial beginner - I stay faithful to one story for a bit but then as soon as I get bored I'm off! :-) Seriously, having lots of stories on the go is one way for me to keep inspired. When I find one hard going, I switch. Keeps me writing. Now, what I really find difficult is finishing... ;-)

Lorraine said...

I think anything that keeps me writing is probably a good thing. I suspect that whichever story doesn't run into problems first will take priority.
I like Suzanne's reminder that writing is an art too. I think it can be quite easy to be worried to the point of paralysis by 'rules' sometimes...