Friday, 27 February 2009

Introducing a hero

This is Luke Davenport. Okay I know he looks like Michael Weatherly (Obsessed? Moi?) but no, his name is Luke and he's the hero in one of my new WIPs - 'The Billionaire's Bridal Bet'!

Luke is tired of being defined by money. His latest girlfriend turned out to be a serial gold digger so when he's bet by a friend that he wouldn't be quite so irresistible to women if they believed him to be poor, he takes up the wager.

On the surface it's just a joke but secretly he longs to find someone who loves him for himself (you can throw up or say 'ahh' at this point, depending on your preference ;-)

I'll introduce his love interest in another post.

I can't currently decide on the source of his wealth - he was originally an international property billionaire but I'm not sure about this given the current climate. I want him to own the hotel my heroine is going to be working in (I'm trying out my first 'Cinderella' theme) so if anyone has any bright ideas let me know :-)


Joanne Cleary said...

I LOVE this idea. However about a lottery millionaire? A huge win would certainly make him wary about a girl's interest -- but maybe not very Modern Heat.

Also, what's not to like about Michael. I am totally in love with him. And Gibbs!! :-)

Lucy King said...

Oooooo, he's gorgeous. And an international property billionaire sounds great. Lots of opportunity for glam jet-setting!

Suzanne said...

Oh, my. He's lovely.

And, in my non-expert opinion, I think property will hold its value in the long run. So, if he's already made his billions before the crash he can hang onto whatever property he still has in his portfolio until things pick up again.


Romy said...

You have great taste!

I can't really comment on the property thing as the hero of my WIP is also a property tycoon. I like the hotelier angle, though as it adds an extra dimension.

Romance is escapist so I wouldn't get too hung up on what's happening in the current economic climate. Besides, by the time you've written, revised, been accepted and finally hit the shelves, who knows how the world will have changed (again!)?

Suzanne said...

ps the hero in my current (4 year old) ms is a hotelier - just thought I'd better mention it in case it ever does get published and then you'll think I've copied you.



Jackie Ashenden said...

Lorraine, I reckon Romy is right. It's all about escapism so don't worry about being a property developer. And it's true what Suzanne says about property holding its value long term. It's either that or he has a fortune in gold or art?? Nice picture BTW... ;-)

Rachael Johns said...

Sounds great! One of my current heroes :) is also based (physically) on Michael Weatherby. But don't worry... stories are very different. In fact... I've got a heroine, and an initial premise but not much of a plot just yet... :)

Lorraine said...

He shall stay an international property billionaire then.

Rachael - I suspect that Michael is just one of a select group of men who are getting about a bit, in a romantic fiction inspiration kind of way!

Similarly I don't think it matters at all about the same professions/types popping up, Suzanne. I mean how many playboys have you read about?

Even if you gave us all an identical plot to write I think the end results would vary enormously.