Saturday, 7 February 2009

Sexiest Thing on Two Legs!

The Romantic Novelists association has announced the results of its Valentine's poll.

RIchard Armitage has taken the title of 'Sexiest Thing on Two Legs'. I suspect the shirtless scene in his first episode of Spooks had a lot to do with this ;-). I like Alan Rickman but was surprised to find him on the list. Not too sure about David Tennant either. 

Where is Rupert Penry Jones? Michael Weatherly? 

Any other suggestions for who you think you should have made it on to the list?


Lucy said...

Am totally with you on the shocking absence of RPJ from the list. It's criminal (as is the non-appearance of James Purefoy). I've never really got the David Tennant or the Johnny Depp thing either - but I suspect I might be in a bit of a minority here.

But heyho, there's an afternoon of international rugby on the telly to make up for it!

Jackie Ashenden said...

I don't even know who Richard Armitage is! Better do a quick Google search. I have to confess that I do quite like Johnny Depp. Not so much in his younger phase but nowadays. And Daniel Craig, oh yes indeed. I like Alan Rickman and David Tennant but as actors more than anything else.

Think I'd better Google the others as well.

Lorraine said...

Lucy - I'm glad I'm not the only one not to 'get' Johnny Depp - he's always seemed a little bit girlie to me (sorry Jackie ;-)

Ahh Jackie, you've been deprived in NZ - they always have a really hot male lead in 'Spooks' (Spy type drama). It did used to be Rupert Penry Jones but he's been replaced by Richard Armitage

Suzanne said...

Love and adore Alan Rickman. Also love the lovely John Barrowman (but more in a boy-next-door GBF way). And Colin Firth in his wet shirt will do it for me everytime.

Joanne Cleary said...

Ok, don't all shout at once -- but I don't get Richard Armitage or Johnny Depp or Daniel Craig.

However Lucy's post about international rugby players sent me all a flutter.

My secret is out. I am a cavewoman. I prefer my men big and hairy!!