Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Where my life turns into a spoof...

My husband is working from home at the moment which, much as I love him, can be a little distracting. The repeated requests for cups of tea just when I'm in the middle of re-writing a crucial scene are not well received :-)

To cap it all he has managed to sprain his ankle so the requests to fetch things have quadrupled and are all incredibly urgent. I might be sounding really unsympathetic at the moment, if so please bear with me. If you haven't done so you might want to watch the 'Man flu' video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EElqrgk4N0 (thanks Jackie for letting me know about this). It doesn't actually seem like a spoof if you read what happened following the sprain -

The 'accident' happened in a supermarket and an over zealous first aider persuaded the husband that he needed to get it checked out properly. The following exchange happened when we saw a male nurse in the local Minor Injuries Unit:

Husband - "So I need to rest it, be waited on hand and foot, brought cups of tea..."
Male Nurse - "Breakfast in bed for a couple of weeks, certainly."
Me - "I'm currently suffering from post concussive syndrome because my husband managed to hit me over the head with the car tailgate. He's never brought me breakfast in bed."
Male Nurse - "Well a sore ankle is a much more serious condition than a head injury."
Me to husband - "Do you remember when I ruptured the ligaments in my ankle?"
Husband looks blank.
Me again - "Or the time my elbow slipped out of its ligament and went back in but not quite properly?"
Male Nurse - "These injuries are always much worse when you're male..."

I promise this was a genuine encounter. Now does the youtube video seem like a spoof? 

(BTW   I actually thought the nurse was really funny and it was nice to find someone with a sense of humour working there...)


Jackie Ashenden said...

Hahahaha! Lorraine, I love that! That nurse must have been great - at least your husband must have thought so. :-)

Mine always gets competitive when he gets sick. When I say I have a bit of a headache, he suddenly develops a migraine. When I have a cold, he has pneumonia. When I have a bit of a sore throat, he has tonsilitis. And no doubt that if I complained when I had period pain, he would suddenly have an excruciatingly sore stomach that he would be positive was appendicitis. ;-)

Lucy said...

Heehee, Lorraine. Many sympathies! My husband has competitive illness syndrome too, Jackie.

He currently has a 'knee injury' which prevents him from wielding the hoover but doesn't stop him from going for beers with mates (despite far more walking involved in the latter).

Lorraine said...

Jackie - how did he trump your labour pains???

Lucy - that sounds sooo familiar :-)

We have play competitive tiredness as well as competitive illness but at the moment I just bring out my trump card of the head injury -It always wins and has shifted the marital power balance nicely ;-)