Saturday, 31 January 2009

Britain's oldest romantic novelist

Britain's oldest romantic novelist, Jean Macleod, is planning to celebrate her 101st birthday working on her 130th book for Mills & Boon.

This is seriously impressive on so many levels (Not least thinking of 130 hero names! I only have about 15 or 20 at most that I like!).

I hope to have at least one book published while still in two digits ;-)


Jackie said...

Wow, 130 books? That's pretty amazing. But only 68 quid a year in royalties? That's a crime, surely? ;-)

Yes, with you on the hero names. You'd have to recycle maybe?

Suzanne said...

This is a lovely story. 130 books is amazing.

But as Jackie said - £68 a year is awful for such a prolific writer.

Lorraine said...

I think the £68 must be a mistake - either that or she's talking about the income from her older books.

I hope so anyway, I'd love to give up the boring accountancy stuff one day :-)

Lucy said...

Hi Lorraine

Sorry it's taken me so long to drop by!

130 books - amazing (£68 not so amazing). I wonder if you ever get bored of writing M&Bs...?

Lorraine said...

Hi Lucy,

Thanks for stopping by. I'm not sure about getting bored. When you're on your 130th perhaps you can tell us ;-)

Seriously though, I can't see the writing getting boring but the editing and the revisions - that's another matter...

Joanne Cleary said...

£68!! A year!! It's too be hoped some kindly relative has read that article and is now suing the accountant!