Thursday, 29 January 2009

New Blog

I've come to realise that anyone who's anyone in the romance writing community has a blog so I've started one in an attempt to avoid being left out!

I'm not sure I've got anything of interest to say but hey, it's a start...


Suzanne said...

Just dropped by to say hello.

I'm sure your blog will be great.

Jackie said...

Yay, Lorraine! Another blog with which to while away the hours when I should be writing. ;-)

Nice landscape by the way. Where is it?

Rachael Johns said...

Hey Lorraine

See you around on Jackie and Lucy's blogs, so thought I'd come say Hi... and I found out this is your first blog! How exciting. Look forward to many, many more!


Lorraine said...

GAAH. I had no idea this thing was live!!!

I set it so that no one could find it via google searches but forgot about my profile. Right, must get up to speed with techie things or be hideously embarrassed... :-)

Thanks for dropping in everyone.

Suzanne - Hi, we keep bumping into each other in blogland don't we? Do you have a blog too? Actually I realise I can check via your profile now ;-)

Jackie - the photo is of Loch Shin, my local loch.

Rachael - hi, it's good to see you. I'm a lurker on your blog but will be less shy now. I'm looking forward to seeing your chapter when it finally gets posted on ihearts along with Jackie's!

Joanne Cleary said...

Hurrah!! You have a blog too! I NEVER have anything of interest to say so you will always beat me!! :-)

Lorraine said...

Hi Jo, that's not true at all!

I think I must be the only person in the world to start a blog by mistake ;-) Definitely worth a certificate of muppetry!

I was just kind of thinking about reserving the blog name I wanted, clicked on 'create blog' and started playing... Ah well, I might as well keep going now.