Friday, 28 August 2009

Friday Stuff

I'm taking a break from competition angst and enjoying myself. The new story is proving fun to write, it might be pants but I actually don't care too much, it's just nice to be creating again instead of worrying about 'getting it right'.

I also continue to be inspired by my new surroundings - the thatched cottage villages with duck ponds and lovely pubs and the plethora of Agatha Christie characters strolling the streets. Oh and the historian in me is loving the nearby ruined Wolf Hall and Littlecote House with it's suits of armour, resident ghosts and tales of the wooing of Jane Seymour by Henry VIII.

I have a budding rural romcom in me and since I heard the grisly tale behind the Littlecote ghost the stirrings of a historical story too. Here's a link to the ghost-watch report if you're interested. It's supposedly one of Britain's most haunted houses.

On the down side I am currently mourning the end of series 1 of 'The Mentalist' and the best alpha hero ever created IMO, Patrick Jane - so sexy, so arrogant and yet tortured and infinitely lovable. Until series 2 (or until series 1 is released on DVD) I shall have to content myself with internet peeks at the man (or is it the character?) voted sexiest man on US TV:


Caroline Storer said...

Hi Lorraine. The Guardian - Channel 5 on Weds 12.00am stars Patrick Jane if you are having withdrawal symptoms. DH was well into the Mentalist and found this new series by accident. Take care. Caroline x

Lorraine said...

Hi Caroline, thanks for the tip. My hard drive recorder seems to be on the blink unfortunately, or I'd record it. There is a very nice half hour programme all about him on the Channel 5 website - not sure if it's Simon Baker or Patrick Jane I have the crush on to be honest :-)

Jackie Ashenden said...

This has only just started down our neck of the woods and I have to say, I'm really enjoying it. Makes a nice change from all the CSI stuff!

Joanne Cleary said...

Hm, I seem to have missed this. Not sure how given the fine looking young man in the pic ;-)

Your village sounds blissful, lorraine, I still love watching Miss Marple mysteries now even though I've watched them all a zillion times. It has to be Joan Hickson, though, she is the 'real' Jane!

Sometimes I think it's good to write for the fun of it and just for the record, I'm sure it's not pants.

Lacey Devlin said...

Now now don't you know that writers are suppose to be tortured souls? ;) Looovvee the mentalist! Also love burn notice. Anything that teaches me something while I'm watching (such a nerdy girl aren't I?)

Lorraine said...

Jo - It's definitely worth a watch. if you have broadband you can go to
and watch some of the episodes online.
I quite liked the recent Miss Marple series with Geraldine McEwan, the costumes were great and it so could have been filmed round here (in fact some people still seem to dress the same!).

Lacey - don't worry, the angst is returning so maybe I am a real writer after all ;-)
I can't help thinking about writing technique when I watch stuff now either. Obviously you have to be obsessed to be a writer too!

mulberry said...

You have good taste in men, Lorraine! We don't have a telly, so I must try that link and see if I can watch some episodes on the internet. I watched some interviews and trailers for this, but never got around to looking for the program itself.

Lorraine said...

Hi Jane, We didn't have a TV for 18 months so I got used to watching stuff on the internet. The characterization in this is just fab.