Thursday, 20 August 2009

How to open doors and other useful tips

I have now moved on to 'Secret Billionaire'. Yes, really! (Just in case there are any lurking doubters out there) And have been doing some research about my hero's undercover job as a doorman. I realise this might sound like more procrastination but it's actually helped me overcome my mental block about the story.
I was reading some interesting posts from hotel doormen about what they love and hate about their jobs when I clicked on an question in my google results - 'How do you open a door?' Yes, someone actually spent a couple of minutes of their time logging on to to type in a question asking how to open a door. 
Were they just testing to see if anyone would answer them? (They did, requesting more details about the model of door, type of handle, angles... Sorry, drifted off to sleep at that point).
How sad is it to sit at your computer spending a valuable portion of your time writing about opening doors? Err, right, on that note it's time I went off to do something more useful instead :-)


Suzanne Jones said...

It wouldn't even have crossed my mind that you could research that sort of thing on the internet. I'm seriously impressed.

Rachael Johns said...

WOW - sounds like your hero could have a lot of fun with his secret profession afterall. I LOVE the secret billionairre hook!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Hahaha! Seems people go to the interweb for absolutely everything...

So you've finally stopped polishing then hmmm?

Lorraine said...

Suzanne, yep, you can research absolutely anything on the web, sadly it sometimes feels like sifting through a rubbish pile though and it's far too easy to go off on a tangent! Not great if you're procrastinating for some reason.

Rach - Ah, the job is REALLY going to wind him up, I'm looking forward to torturing him :-)

Jackie - Yes, I did honestly spend a whole 24 hours not polishing a word of my MM chapter. Now my MM synopsis though, I don't recall making any promises about that ;-)

Lacey Devlin said...

Ahh that's what I love about the internet you can find absolutely anything! How on Earth did we get by without it?

Joanne Cleary said...

How cool! The fact that you can research anything on the internet is what keeps me sane. It's the only way I was able to write about a vineyard in Hunter Valley. My parents took loads of pictures but unfortunately managed to leave both their camera and video camera on the coach on the way back to the airport to come home.

Very good job I could fall back on the internet :-)

PS My mother still hasn't forgiven my father, him being in charge of said cameras ...

PPS Stop polishing already!! It's fabulous :-)

Lorraine said...

I wonder that all the time Lacey - how did I get by before I met you guys?

Thanks for the vote of confidence Jo. What a pain about the video cam and camera - not surprised your mother hasn't forgiven him!