Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The F Factor

I have been ignoring my writing rule number one (well actually I've just decided it's my only rule) - 'Don't ignore your niggles'.

I haven't been able to throw off an uneasy feeling about my competition chapter missing something despite getting good crits from people. I got carried away with knowing I've got the emotion, an alpha hero I can actually fall in love with (and want to secretly heal because of his past) an opening line I'm happy with and conflicts that feel consistent.

So what's the problem? The 'F' factor, that what's missing - that 'fun 'n flirty' vibe so important for Modern Heats. I think I got bogged down by my H & h's shared backstory, there is just so much emotion there that when they get together flirting isn't exactly on my heroine's agenda.

Now it is possible I can re-write from a different starting point and keep her antagonism further under the surface but I have to say I feel a little flummoxed. Suppose I put the F factor in and in doing so lose the other stuff I finally managed to get right?

I did start my new idea yesterday, just to have a standby in case I can't make MM work but given I spent ages thrashing out my conflicts for Maverick Millionaire all I can say is thank goodness the deadline is a while off.

How do people manage to write four of these a year and get them right???

Need chocolate :-(


Joanne Cleary said...

I think published authors eat a lot of chocolate too, have editors to guide them and also work through revisions.

From reading their blogs they seem to suffer the same worries and fears as we do. Kinda doesn't help to know the concerns never go away does it? :-)

Personally I don't think it matters too much that your first chapter has less fun and flirt in it. Plenty of MHs I've read don't start off that way, the fun and flirting comes later.

The most important thing is the chapter is well written and by reading it, the editors will know you can do the job :-)

Jackie Ashenden said...

Trust your instincts eh? Yep, it's a hard one!

Judy Jarvie said...

Big hugs, Lorraine.
You will conquer. If only you could see the sad sorry pile of things I've shelved and altered and shelved and altered again. So I guess my instincts are pants. LOL. But in a strange sadistic way I'm glad of the practice. And anyway MM is a real goer! Don't let the blimp get you jaded. jx

Lacey Devlin said...

Ahh but now that you know the F Factor is missing with the help of chocolate you can revise :) I suggest a vase full of the stuff :)

Lorraine said...

Jo - I'm not sure if it's encouraging or depressing to know that it doesn't get any better once you're published! Thanks for the comments, I suppose I just want to show I can do it in that all important first chapter.

Jackie - it's especially hard if your instincts are telling you you're crap! How to distinguish the gut instinct from a fleeting mood, that's a tricky one.

Thanks Judy, yes, it's all learning I suppose and it's that's getting us one step further along the process.

Ah, if only it were that simple Lacey. I'm dabbling with the new one at the mo and hoping that that re-working genius will strike me in the meantime.

Caroline Storer said...

Phew! Someone else with the "crows of doubt" circling in ever decreasing circles. I'm planning a total re-write of my 1st Chapter - although I'm aiming at the Presents line not the Heat so hopefully I don't have to do too much "fun 'n'flirty" but still have to write something that will grab the editors. Blimy this writing lark is not easy is it? Take care. Caroline x

Lorraine said...

Hi Caroline - yep, they're coming to get me ;-)

Good luck with your re-write. It is definitely NOT easy!

Suzanne Jones said...

I think Joanne's right - your chapter would fit in fine with MH as it is - fun and flirty can develope later in the story...but, if you're not happy there's time to work on your standby story so you can sub something you're sure about.

Sending cyber chocs


Lorraine said...

Thanks Suzanne, I suspect I shall be boring you rigid with 'which one do I send' angst so you might want to keep the chocs for yourself!