Thursday, 3 September 2009

Getting Steamy

I may have finally cracked the problem of how to make friends in a new community when you a) work from home and b) don't have any kids - find a steam room! 
Littlecote House (mentioned in my last post) has a lovely leisure club and I've taken to lolling about in the pool area while the husband goes and does very unappealing gym stuff. Every time I go in the steam room someone chats to me - I've had more conversations with potential friend types in one week than I had in a whole year in Scotland (I'm not blaming the Scots, I would like to point out - they just happen to be outnumbered by sheep in the area we bought a house).

The steam room has even given me some writing inspiration - a hot shot american tycoon was in situ the other evening, having been helicoptered into the hotel grounds, and as a result I now have yet another story idea with a very steamy opening. I can't possibly write another competition entry or it will start getting ridiculous - how on earth will I choose which one to enter? 
Perhaps I ought to point out that the tycoon type didn't inspire me in that way and my husband was present at all times!

I've also taken another step out of my hermitess ways and yesterday went to the Reading chapter of the RNA, headed by Julie Cohen. I tried not to be too fan-girlish but think I failed. I had to tell her it was 'Delicious' that had inspired me to write for Modern Heat (or Extra as it was then) in the first place. It can't be too bad to be told how much someone likes your books, surely? I hope not anyway!

Just in case this interaction with the rest of the human race has been too much for me I now have a break - we're off home to Scotland for a week to sort out the heating so there might be radio silence from me for a while. In all reality we'll probably drive the 35 miles to an internet cafe when the broadband withdrawal kicks in...


Lacey Devlin said...

I don't know how you do it! Must. Have. Broadban!!

Lorraine said...

I know Lacey, I'm getting the shakes already and I haven't left yet ;-)

Jackie Ashenden said...

I had withdrawal symptoms after day 1 on the road! Am posting this from Queenstown - where I'm sure the number of sheep waaaaay outnumbers the humans in the area. Though, that's NZ for you.

Suzanne Jones said...

I should imagine she was thrilled you liked her book. I'd have been embarrassingly fan-girlish (or more like fan-old-battish) if I'd met Julie Cohen -Delicious has its own spot on my keepers' shelf.

All that spa stuff sounds very glamourous - and terrific for inspiration.

Have a great trip home (don't forget to wave when you pass Dunfermline).


Sally Clements said...

OOh! Lorraine! That idea sounds hot and steamy already, and that's before you even describe the tycoon! Don't think of it as a competition entry, but definitely write it down, sounds just like a modern heat to me!

Joanne Cleary said...

Sounds like a great idea for a new story to me, meeting through the steam *sigh*.

lucky you meeting Julie Cohen, she seems so fun.

Have a lovely time back home :-)

Lorraine said...

Ahh, have got to internet cafe, can relax now. Connection is a bit dodgy so if I don't get round to replying to people's emails it's a connection thing!
Glad to see I have company in my addiction, Jackie :-)

Hi Suzanne, I always think of you when passing Dunfermline but it's usually about 3 am when pass the turning so I don't expect you to wave back.

Sally, yes, it's just in the ideas folder in my mind at the moment!

Jo, yes, having lovely time back home and AGA hugging again. Will be sad to leave again really but NTAI yet!

Lorraine said...

If you got that follow up comment three times blame the dodgy connection, sorry!