Wednesday, 9 September 2009

It's Official

I have crossed over the line from normal writing obsession and am now three stops short of Dagenham (i.e. Barking - for anyone unfamiliar with the London Underground system).

Yes, I am now as barking mad as our terrier who thinks she can scare off the RAF, currently using our croft house as target practice, by squeaking her toy.

It’s the broadband withdrawal that's done it (have now given in and driven to internet cafe). Without CPs and blogfriends to be my reality check (or, less politely, to tell me to stop being a muppet) I have even taken to dreaming about technical problems with my competition entries. In a dream last night someone lectured me at length about my secondary character interaction and the banter between my hero and heroine.

Angels giving me good crit or a sign I’m officially over the edge?

I suspect the latter.

In an attempt to draw myself back from over-angst I have designed a teeny little questionnaire about my current comp idea (please leave you answers in a comments field. You get a reward if you get to the end J).


(1)  Titles. Which option do you prefer?

(a)   Reluctant Heir, Passionate Affair

(b)  Hot Nights with the Playboy Prince

(c)   The Prince’s Indecent Proposal

(d)  To tell me to stop thinking about titles, which are irrelevant really, given you don't get to choose them, and get on with writing the damn thing


(2)  Princes. Compatible with Modern Heat?

(a)   No, they belong in historicals or Moderns at a push

(b)  You might be able to pull it off, AITE and all that

(c)   I’ve no problem with the concept as long as it fits the guidelines


(3)  Your reward. Would you rather… 

(a)   Have a date with George Clooney

(b)  Be analyzed by the Mentalist (aka Simon Baker)

(c)   Have a chocolate feast


Okay, so you might have to use your imagination to claim your reward but thanks for taking part in my poll and pulling me back from the edge :-)

Unless of course you didn’t, in which case you may find yourself reading in the news headlines that a mad hermitess has been found roaming the Highlands muttering about stripping out too much external conflict (not to put any pressure on you or anything ;-)


Caroline Storer said...

Hi Lorraine - Answers to the Quiz as follows:

Q1 - Couldn't make up my mind - so how about an amalgamation of all 3 choices? I propose "The Playboy Prince's Red Hot Passionate Affair." I think it works - (waddya mean it's rubbish?!)

Q2 - Answer (c)

Q3 - Again I couldn't make up my mind so I'll have a),b) and c) hee hee.

BTW - your reference to Barking made me laugh - I used to work for Barking and Dagenham Council (or "Caunsel" as the locals used to call it!) Take care. Caroline x

Jackie Ashenden said...

Lorraine, can't have you dreaming about your comp entry! Step away from the manuscript!! :-) I' agree re the broadband withdrawal though - this is our last day in Queenstown and who knows when I'll have easily accessible broadband again.... sigh.

Anyway, your poll...
1 a
2 b
3 it's a toss up between b and c. :-)

Kerrin said...

good luck, and don't stress!
1 a
2 b and c
3 b and c

you are a great writer - keep it up!

Lacey Devlin said...

I think you played dirty with that quiz. Making me choose between chocolate and Simon! Are you trying to take me over the edge with you?

1. a
2. b
c. chocolate and simon and the dress from that picture of George!!!

Rachael Johns said...

Fabulous quiz - with your creativity, there's no doubt you'll get published.

1 - a
2 - a
3 - c!!

Can I just say I absolutely LOVE your first title.

Good luck with your entry!

Sally Clements said...

Hi Lorraine!

Mines a c for question 1, another c for question 2, and any possibilty of claiming clooney and chocolates for question 3? Just no Alessandro's. Check my newest blog entry for further details!
x Sally

Julie Cohen said...


1. d. You will NEVER be allowed to keep your title, just deal with it. Your titles show that you read the line, so go with whatever you fancy. Stop angsting. Write the book.
2. b and c are the same answer. If you can do a sheikh in MH, you can do a prince as far as I'm concerned, but it's always AITE.
3. I'll take whatever's going.

Glad to have found your blog! :-)

Joanne Cleary said...

Oh there's title drama in blog land. Sooo glad I'm not the only one :-)

My answers are a 'c' for each. I like all the titles but like the idea of an indecent proposal! Unfortunately I fell out with George when he left ER and seem to be one of the few that missed The Mentalist so I'll have all the choc please.

Heidi said...

Hi Lorraine

You made me smile this morning, so thanks for that cos my hero is currently driving me barking as well!!

Okay answers:

Q1 Definitely D, forget the darn title (any one of which is fab) and write the proposal woman!!

Q2 B, qualified with 'as long as he's super-sexy and is not remotely reminiscent of Prince Charles'!

Q3. Absolutely A, but can we have chocolate for dessert? Preferably melted and drizzled over George's... Oops sorry got a bit carried away there.

Now get back to work... And so will I

Suzanne Jones said...


2)Prefer not to answer this - I have a phobia about princes (used to have nightmares about Prince Charles as a child and have been left traumatised).

3)If I'm allowed a reward after wussing out on 2) then definitely c.


Suzanne Jones said...

PS can't wait to read about your prince, though - I know he'll be lovely.


Lorraine said...

Thanks guys, it's nice to know you're out there :-)
And thanks for answering my questionnaire. Heidi and Suzanne will have to get to the back of the queue for the chocolate though, for mentioning Prince Charles - it's put me right off my stride ;-)