Thursday, 25 June 2009

Isolated, bizarrely dressed and a little bit crazy

Apparently working from home can leave you isolated, bizarrely dressed and a little bit crazy. I tried to feel a bit affronted by this headline when it came out but failed as, secretly, I couldn't help agreeing, at least for myself. The isolation bit I find is offset by broadband connecting me to the writing community, a fact brought home to me as I've been positively twitching without it for the last five days. As for a little bit crazy? I'm not even going there :-)
And now for bizarrely/badly dressed, well... I used to manage to look quite presentable when I worked in London but my standards have gone slowly downhill to the point where I consider smart jeans to be my going out clothes and the mention of wearing 'something sparkly' for the RNA conference dinner brings on mild palpitations. 
Which is why I was slightly alarmed at the weekend when I visited a foreign country to me - yummy mummy land. You see while I'm all for remote I've reluctantly had to concede that my kind of Highlands remote isn't great when you're not well enough to drive, your husband is away a lot and you keep having bizarre accidents. To cut a long story short it's been decided I need another foray to the south while I can't be trusted not to burn the house down or knock myself out on a cupboard door in the husband's absence. Hopefully it won't be for too long.
So, a suitable house for short term let near husband's office has been found and I went down for a look. The presence of beauty salons, nail bars and high end dress shops in tiny villages (and absence of other shops) should have been a giveaway but it was only while I was walking the dogs that it struck me that it wasn't just the period cottages that were picture perfect - at every turn I came across glamazons in elegant attire and with immaculate make-up, accompanied by golden haired toddlers wearing Cath Kidston wellies. I suddenly became aware that I hadn't brushed my hair since I'd set out from Scotland and worst of all I was wearing no make up! Normally this is not a thought that would ever cross my mind but here I suddenly felt odd, like a barbarian interloper.
So now I have to decide whether for my temporary residence I attempt to camouflage myself to avoid scaring the natives? Or do I apply my recent approach to all things non-writing lately, namely the 'ah sod it' approach and just brave the potential 'woman spotted walking dogs in non designer jeans and WEARING NO MAKE-UP' headlines in the local press?
I think I'll probably just settle for making sure broadband is sorted out  for when we go down, now that's REALLY important.


Jackie Ashenden said...

Lorraine, I live in a suburb that is the NZ equivalent. We have all of the above but with organic produce/butcher's shops thrown in for good measure. I would just feel smug that you don't have to change nappies, pick up toys, wipe marmite off the backs of your couches, be woken up in the middle of the night because there's a monster in the hallway, read the same book for the fifty millionth time, carry a screaming toddler under one arm while you deliver your weeping eldest to school....shall I go on? ;-)

Rachael Johns said...

Haha... there's loads of yummy mummies where I live too... but I AM NOT one of them!! Too busy spending spare time (haha) in a fantasy world to preen myself :)

Lucy King said...

Am not sure where I live anymore as I haven't been out in days. Still, at least being glued to my computer means I haven't had the 'what to wear' and 'where the hell did I put my mascara' quandaries :)

Suzanne said...

I thought you were writing about me when I saw that title.

Yummy Mummies - aargh - they scare me witless. I doubt some of them are human. How can they manage to turn up at school for 8.30 am - with fully and perfectly applied make-up, a spotless designer outfit and four smartly turned out and bright eyed children? Everything about them shines.

And then there's me - with my one child (smartly dressed, of course) - looking like a disater zone. I just about manage a shower - but make up? Forget it. And as for co-ordinated outfits, well life's too short. I'm lucky if I manage matching socks.


Lacey Devlin said...

Ah Lorraine I'm right there with you. I spend my days in comfort clothes and refuse to answer to door to ANYONE. Occasionally (more often then not) I can't be bothered changing before I run out to do an errand. I like to think my contribution to the world of fashion is that I make the others look good ;)

Lorraine said...

I'm glad to discover I'm not alone :-) I shall use dedication to writing as my excuse.