Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Normal Service is Resumed

After a couple of weeks of trying to keep up with emails, blogs etc using motorway service stations as I traveled from England to Scotland and back again several times (bet that messed up peoples’ feedjit! J) I finally have broadband in the new place.

Although I described the area as yummy mummy land (in the interests of balance I ought to say they’ve all been lovely to me) I’ve also met a plethora of retired colonels and majors emerging from perfect thatched cottages, not to mention a few ‘Honourables’ and a minor noble. I’ve been informed in no uncertain terms that attendance at the village fete, sports day etc is compulsory. Perhaps once I’ve been drinking the water for a couple of months I’ll develop the urge to competitively grow misshapen vegetables or join the Women’s Institute.

I’ve decided I must have moved to a twenty first century St Mary Mead and any minute now Miss Marple will be knocking on my door to inform me that the rector has discovered a body up at the Manor House. Or maybe at the ruins of nearby Wolf Hall (great name isn’t it?)

Not that I’ll have time to help Miss Marple solve the crime as my editor slot is now only TWO days away. I blame gadding about with boxes and having fun days out at hospitals.

Somehow I’ve managed to write a new synopsis in the midst of it all (taking the ‘ah sod it’ approach to the piles of boxes helps) – my characters are now more believable (I hope) and their actions more consistent. I’ve also given Luke a bit of an alpha makeover in line with the new Modern Heat guidelines; he is now harder, less laidback but still essentially the same Luke.

I’ve decided to take everyone’s advice and not worry too much about the slot. I can discuss the new story angle and hopefully sound out whether or not The Secret Billionaire (as Bridal Bet is now called) could ever work for the Modern Heat line.

Hopefully I’ll have lots of lovely feedback next week about the conference, or the reincarnation of Miss Marple should she appear J

P.S. the above picture is an old photograph of where I'm now ensconced!


Judy Jarvie said...

It will work by Jingo, I know it! Your syno rocks!
Oooh I am jealous about the Miss Marple chocolate box village. Can I come and stay, don a halter neck dress and turban and have a bit part wearing too much red lipstick? I'm jealous. Especially of the growing misshapen vegetables. That's my kinda place. Death, glamour, veg - who needs more.

Suzanne said...

The place sounds lovely - I'm with Judy, can I have a bit part too, please?

And your synopsis DOES rock and you'll be brilliant.

Have a great time. (Am so jealous.)

Rachael Johns said...

Lorraine - your blog is so amusing :) If you're book is half as good, they'll buy you during your editor slot! They'd be crazy to let you leave!! Good luck!

Arni said...
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Romy said...

First time I posted Google thought I was my husband, rather than me. So let's try this again ...

Have a great time at the conference, and I hope you knock the editor's socks off (figuratively speaking). I wish I were there!

Also wish I were in St Mary Mead. Nothing like summer in an English country village! It sounds so much nicer than yummy mummy land.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Oooh, it just sounds so lovely! You'll have to keep us posted with tales of village life. ;-)

As to the pitch, stress ye not. Jenny is lovely and your story is really, really sound. You'll be fine. :-)

Lacey Devlin said...

You sound like you've stepped into Stepford surrounded by perfect people, I don't know about drinking the water though... Perhaps it's best to still to bottled :)

I think you're superwoman for writing a synopsis in among all of that! If it makes you feel better I still have A LOT of my stuff in boxes (and someday I will unpack them). The problem is writing's so much more fun so how can a girl even hope to get motivated?

Lorraine said...

Aw thanks Judy. Of course you can have a bit part. And Suzanne too! Funny thing is I'm not sure anyone would notice we were acting!

Wish you were coming too Suzanne. Maybe next year eh?

Thanks Rach, I just wish I'd got the chapter I'd sent in right but at least I'm going armed with my changes which I think I could recite in my sleep now. Actually that's probably because I did write my synopsis half asleep ;-)

Romy - Well I've just wrestled my still wet washing in from the garden because storm clouds are gathering so South Africa is looking pretty idyllic to me at the moment :-)

Jackie - Thanks for the support, not to mention keeping me sane as I was doing my traipsing. I shall have to keep calling the village St Mary Mead for anonymity (just nobody google Wolf Hall! Oops :-)

Lacey - Well I thought it was Stepfordish initially but now I'm thinking St Mary Mead I'm much happier :-)
I'm with you on the unpacking - I have a path to the bed, my computer, the bathroom and the kettle. What more do I need???