Friday, 5 June 2009

Top tips

I had a nice surprise yesterday - a letter from a magazine saying they want to publish one of my 'top tips'. This was a surprise firstly because I didn't remember sending it in and secondly because I can't even remember what the tip was!
I'm guessing it wasn't one of the following:
  1. Don't bother laying flooring - bare concrete never shows the dirt.
  2. If you don't cut your grass then eventually it will get to such a height it hides all the weeds in your garden.
  3. If you don't invite anyone round then you don't have to tidy up.
  4. Do your building work over as long a period as possible then you'll always have a good excuse for your house being in complete chaos.
Well, it was a nice distraction from post emailing angst anyway. I pressed the send button on my chapter and synopsis for my M&B editor slot with Jenny Hutton. I then woke up the next day with the sudden realisation that I'd forgotten to give a hastily created secondary character any distinguishing physical characteristic (wooden leg, glass eye, severe facial disfigurement... that kind of thing).

Ah well, such is writing life. Overall I'm reasonably happy with it. 

I've also been having a very interesting conversation about smells with my tiler, (should have consulted him about the alpha scents debate :-) whilst forcing first aid on him. Eventually he accepted my nursing but only on the grounds that he "didnae wanna get blood in ya grout". His favourite smell is one that apparently came second in a poll of people's favourites - clean sheets fresh from the line being ironed or drying on the range.

Which reminds me I should go and do some washing and make some pretence of being the kind of domestic goddess who dispenses top tips...


Lucy King said...

Ah, Lorraine, you make me laugh! Love the tips and congrats on selling one.

Rachael Johns said...

Ooh I LOVE these tips! Think all us writers understand - after all... we'd all rather be dreaming up fantasy people than dusting our bookshelves, right?!!!

Congrats on selling your top tip. Can't wait to hear what it actually was... you will tell us when you find out, won't you?!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Yay on the tip. I particularly like number 3. I agree with the tiler, that's one of my favourite smells. And also he's right, getting blood in your grout wouldn't be pleasant. :-)

Lorraine said...

Thanks Lucy. I'd like to think that Rach is right and it's dedication to writing that is responsible for my messy home!

Rach, unfortunately it might have to remain a mystery to us both - I re-read the letter and it was published in Prima's June issue. The issue currently in Tescos is July (I think, will have to check) so I may never know which particular nugget of wisdom was deemed worthy of publication.

Anyone got a June issue of the UK Prima at home???

Jackie - The tiler was a very tough Geordie who could have had his arm hanging off by a sinew and would still have insisted it was only a scratch! I love sheets off the line too, particularly here in the Highlands where the air is always so fresh.

Lacey Devlin said...

Tip four's my favourite! I wonder what else I could get done to the house... :)

Suzanne said...

Whey hey - great news. Congratulations. :-)

But oh no - how awful that you didn't see it. I tried to have a look at June's Prima too, but it was sealed. The ladies in my local WH Smith are lovely and don't mind me loitering to check out the various mags (I've been spending a fortune in there for years and am on first name terms with most of them) but I thought it would be a bit of a cheek to open the cellophane unless I was going to buy it.

Lorraine said...

Lacey - tip 4 also works well to deter visitors so helps with tip 3 :-)

Suzanne - thanks for trying to look for me but don't get yourself into trouble with the WH Smith ladies! Smiths obviously puts the new issue out later than Tescos. I'm sure I shall survive the mystery :-)

Suzanne said...

If I'd known you were in the June issue I'd have bought it - but by the time I'd read your post they'd already put the July ones out (no cellphane on those, so was able to flick through - couldn't see anyone I knew). So sorry.