Monday 8 April 2013

Book Heaven

 Yesterday I went to the Book Barn - a wonderful discovery not too far away, crammed full of hundreds of thousands books from every category you can think of. 

There are hundreds of vintage Mills and Boons and romance novels there. I picked up a lovely first edition of an old Barbara Cartland, thought the cover was fantastic (see below)

Best of all each book costs only a pound. My husband had to lure me away by laying a trail of books to the exit with promises we could return ;-)

It seemed a fitting treat given I have now finished The Art of Seduction (you can see the storyboard I made on Pinterest for it here) and it has been sent off to the Editor to keep my Chalet Girl story company :-) 

It feels great to have two submissions in and a new story already on the go. Although i'm not enjoying having joined the ranks of the inbox watchers! 

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