Monday, 24 January 2011

Take one book nightly...

I've always used books to self medicate against stress, the greater the stress the 'nicer' the book I prescribe myself. During my university finals I had a pile of my old Enid Blyton's and pony stories under the bed and as 2011 has been more than a tad stressful so far perhaps it explains my recent foray from Heat over to Sweet in listening (yes, listening! M&B audiobooks have returned to the UK :-)
Listening to Jessica Hart charmed and soothed me as much as any trip to a magic land at the top of a tree. In "Cinderella's Wedding Wish" the heroine likes dogs better than men and her dream is to renovate a dilapidated cottage in the middle of nowhere and to live in isolation. Now why does that sound familiar?
On a completely different note below are some pictures of my dogs and the house I renovated, er... Although I have to say when I was hanging off a ladder painting the guttering no handsome millionaire swooped in to catch me and offer to help with the DIY.
Ah well, we can live in hope, which I'm thinking is rather the point...

Sunday, 2 January 2011

A Hopeful New Year

May your Requests be Full,
And your 'R's be Revisions.
But most of all may 2011 be the year of 'C's -
Calls, Contracts and Congratulations all round...

Whether you're multi-published, aspiring or an avid reader I wish you all a very hopeful and happy new year :-)