Saturday, 21 January 2012


It seems I'm famous for the wrong reasons though. I had an online supermarket delivery this week and a woman who normally works in the office was the driver. She said "Oh, didn't you used to live in..." and cited my last address. Warily I said I did and it turns out I am well known in supermarket circles for being, amongst other mishaps, the woman who ordered 77 bananas and recently 146 packets of crisps. Both by mistakes I hasten to add.
"You must have thought I had a crisp fetish." Was all I could think to say.
"Yes, we did." Was the alarming reply.

Oh well, at least I'm keeping them all in gossip.

Two good writing friends on the other hand I'm hoping will become famous for entirely different reasons - huge congrats to Joanne Pibworth and Jackie Ashenden on their recent Entangled pitch successes :-)