Saturday, 31 January 2009

Britain's oldest romantic novelist

Britain's oldest romantic novelist, Jean Macleod, is planning to celebrate her 101st birthday working on her 130th book for Mills & Boon.

This is seriously impressive on so many levels (Not least thinking of 130 hero names! I only have about 15 or 20 at most that I like!).

I hope to have at least one book published while still in two digits ;-)

Things I like about Blogland

Blog trawling is such a lovely way to ease into the working day. All those interesting links to be followed and questions of great import to be decided upon... :-) And by the time I've finished, the cup of tea I've been drinking has kicked in and I find I'm feeling a bit more motivated.

I also find it a great way to feel connected and not quite so alone in the whole 'trying to get published' process. There is always someone, somewhere who has some words of wisdom or support or just writes something that makes me smile :-)

Being fairly new to Blogland and community forums I've been seriously impressed by the amount of support and advice published authors give to wannabes like me. Trish Wylie is currently offering a free writers' workshop over on her forum and Donna Alward is running a competition for aspiring writers (closes today) - the prizes being critiques and, for one person, a mentorship.

So, having decided  the natives are friendly, I've made the tentative move from being a Blogland visitor to Blogland resident. Still feel a bit of a fraud though so I hope no one checks my passport!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

New Blog

I've come to realise that anyone who's anyone in the romance writing community has a blog so I've started one in an attempt to avoid being left out!

I'm not sure I've got anything of interest to say but hey, it's a start...