Tuesday, 1 June 2010

It's good to talk...

The Minxes have been brainstorming on Skype recently and it's been great - instant input and discussion (and a real laugh to boot). I'm starting to think about the new story I'll hopefully be
pitching at the RNA conference and knowing I'll be under skype scrutiny at the end of the week means I'll get my act together this week.
It's also good to listen
Reading Library has an event on tomorrow evening (2nd June) - "Writing Romantic Fiction". Julie Cohen, Nina Harrington, Tania Crosse, Beth Elliott and Janet Gover will be talking and I'll hopefully be in the audience listening. There are even rumours of a Mills and Boon giveaway at the event.

I had a sneak peek at the ipad yesterday, I'll hopefully be getting one soon and am delighted to hear Mills and Boon books will be available on the ipad later in the year - I used the voice utility to play part of a book aloud in a shop and was really pleased to hear a natural sounding reading voice, not the robotic voice I currently get on my computer. It will transform things for me, I'll no longer be stuck with just what I can get on audiobook.

Although that said there is even good news on the audiobook front. I'm trying out a romance audiobooks website, audiolark, which has some very reasonably priced titles.
I'll be listening to Nell Dixon's 'The Cinderella Substitute' as my next book which I'm really pleased about, having met her at last year's RNA conference. Talking of which I'm getting ridiculously excited about this year's conference and being able to chat to some of the writing friends I've grown close to over the past two
years :-)
Yep, Bob Hoskins knew what he was on about (famous BT ad in the 90s, for those of you outside of the UK!) .


Rachael Johns said...

OOooh I could sooooooooooo do with some storming right now. I'm hanging out for the RWA Aus conference too. Cannot wait. Oh and if you meet Claire from Perth, Australia at the conf... be nice :)

Maya said...

It's certainly good to talk to you, Lorraine! And yayyy on the iPad. I saw a feature on it and it looks really great. I'm sooo jealous!


Sally Clements said...

Great post, Lorraine. The ipad looks like its heaven sent for you, with the reading of mills and boon a definite bonus. Loving the skype talks too, brainstorming is really constructive!

Jennifer said...

I loved Nell Dixon's Cinderella Substitute and was so happy to get the chance to work on the audio version.

Interesting to hear about the iPad's read feature. I'd like to get the chance to listen to it.

Julie Cohen said...

See you there tomorrow!

That's really cool that the iPad reads books to you. You're going to have to demonstrate it for us at a meeting!

Jackie Ashenden said...

I want an iPad!! Full review when you get it please. ;-)
Skyping sounds great, as does your pitch!