Friday, 11 June 2010

The weird and the wired

I've been getting seriously hyped up about the upcoming RNA conference. What better way to gear up than attending last week's talk on Writing Romantic Fiction at Reading library? The meeting got off to a weird start for me as I thought I'd lost my marbles when the nice woman sitting next to me introduced herself as Romy from South Africa. Now I have bad memory problems so my first thought was to panic - was this my fellow Minx Romy who I'd believed to be still in South Africa? Actually it was another Romy but I had a very confused moment and as both are attending the conference I shall have to try not to get mixed up :-)
It was also strange when a couple of people mentioned having heard of the Minxes blog. Not to mention difficult to say "Actually I'm a Minx" without giving into the urge to giggle uncontrollably ;-)

Other than cringing on behalf of the panel when they were asked what the formula for writing Mills and Boon was (!) the point that struck me most from the talk was the panel's answer to the question 'How many full length novels did you complete before you were published?' The answer was anything between 2 and 10, the average being 5!
it reminded me again just how dedicated you have to be and how our commitment as writers is to the craft itself, rather than to any particular story.

Having said that I am loving diving into the world of the story I'll be pitching at the conference. For a taster below is the rooftop in Marrakech that my hero is going to whisk my heroine off to


jenny wilson said...

would your hero whisk me off tothat rooftop as well, it looks lovelyx

joanne pibworth said...

2 south african Romy's writing romance - isn't that bizarre! No wonder you were confused!

Giggled with you at the thought of you announcing yourself as a minx, lol!

Have fun at the RNA, bring back a full report and pictures eh?


Jackie Ashenden said...

Yeah, I'm with Joanne - two SA Romys? Maybe Minx Romy has a doppelganger or a clone? I think I'd be confused too!
Minxes are famous! How cool is that?

Soo jealous about the RNA. I want to come! Waaaahhh for being stuck down in NZ!

Oh as to the formula, I've got it right here. ;-)

Lacey Devlin said...

Oh dear to the formula question. I'm pretty thrilled that the average is 5 manuscripts. That's not so bad, that gives you hope :).

Romy said...

Yeah - we SA Romys are going to rock teh romance writing world!

Suzanne Jones said...

Know you're all going to have a wonderful time at the conference. Wish I was going, too.


Jane Writes Romance said...

Sad to see so many online "romancies" not able to make the RNA Conference. But I guess that leaves more breaktime pastries for the rest of us, LOL!

Looking forward to meeting you, Lorraine. And Romy and anyone else who's able to come along. Should be a rockin' weekend!