Monday, 24 May 2010

Minxy moonlighting

I'm blogging over at the Minxes of Romance site today to introduce myself. This is a shameless appeal to blogland pals to pop over and say 'Hi' or else I'll feel the kid who plays on her/his own in the playground - you know the one (it used to be me in a dim and thankfully distant previous life!).

If you comment I promise to love you forever (well as long as you don't say anything nasty that is :-)


Jackie Ashenden said...

You kept your sewing skills a nice secret...;-) Anyway, I posted a comment. You can pay me later. ;-)

Lorraine said...

Virtual chocs okay as payment??

Anonymous said...

No, I won't say anything nasty! great blog!

Lorraine said...

Thanks Mel and thanks for visiting :-)

Suzanne Jones said...

Great Minxy post, Lorraine. Love the bags and love the cottage.