Friday, 2 October 2009

A little known fact

It is a little known fact that marshmallows are essential for synopsis re-writes. Well the husband didn't know about it at least. In fact he questioned the need for the late night drive to the 24 hour garage yesterday, before going away for a business trip today. The accountant in him brought out the "wholly and exclusively rule"that's applied to business expenses i.e. was it really essential for my writing? I replied that it was and he said I was welcome to argue that one with the taxman should the need arise.

They are also virtually fat-free but it was decided, on balance, that the taxman probably wouldn't be too interested in that. Although knowing you're eating something that isn't too fattening must reduce your stress levels and enable you to write better, surely?

So, I have my marshmallows, and I also have a DVD of the first two series of 'Moonlighting' which I'm only allowed to watch once I have a satisfactory rejigged synopsis. I absolutely loved this programme in my teens and the banter between Cybill Shepherd's and Bruce Willis's characters is inspiring, as is the sexual tension between them.

Perhaps I should point out there are other essential factors for synopsis re-writes as far as I've been able to garner - a focus on internal conflict (especially if its Modern Heat), so a clear idea of what is going to keep H and h apart. And also making it obvious how they're going to resolve their conflicts - what is it about them that is going to enable them to heal each others wounds?

All in one page? What about a bit of external plot structure in there? 
Pass the marshmallows.


Caroline Storer said...

Totally with you on this one Lorraine! Re-jigging my synopsis for the nth time! Conflict, conflict, conflict. Ew! But unlike you I need chocolate! Infinitely more fattening than marshmallows unfortunately! Take care. Caroline x

Jackie Ashenden said...

Chocolate fish help too! I should as my hubby if we can get the business to pay for them. :-)

Lacey Devlin said...

Wow loving the fact that they're virtually fat-free. Pass them onto me too :D

Suzanne Jones said...

Ooooh, Moonlighting - I'd forgotten about that. Am off to add it to my Amazon wishlist in a mo (October hols start in a couple of weeks and we finished the Fame series 1 over the summer).

Not too keen on marshmallows - I'll eat them if there's nothing better, but give me chocolate any day - reckon I need the fat to plump out my wrinkles.


Lorraine said...

There is less than half a gram of fat in an entire packet. Just as well given I did eat the entire packet!
But, on the plus side I re-wrote my synopsis in one sitting so they clearly are magic :-)

Help yourself Lacey ;-)

Hope you've had some success with your synop Caroline. I say go with whatever helps you get it done.

Don't your fish have some marshmallow in the middle Jackie? Or am I getting them mixed up with something else?

Suzanne - Moonlighting is as good as I remembered, worth watching for the shoulder-pads!