Saturday, 24 October 2009

Competition Obsessive Disorder

If you've entered the Mills and Boon competition or are just about to, then the above condition requires no further explanation.
Symptoms may include muttering about internal conflict in your sleep or trying to explain the 'action and reaction' thing (explained so beautifully by Jackie) to non writing 'civilians'.

Distractions from Competition Obsessive Disorder to date:
  1. A baby cold picked up in Liverpool that has now grown to the kind of monster proportions favoured by King Kong, Godzilla et al.
  2. A bizarre accident involving the leg of the ironing board and my nose (don't ask).
  3. Listening to "Passion" by Louise Bagshawe, so utterly engaging that my own writing feels even more hobbyish than usual.
  4. Remembering there are things other than writing that matter in life. Like


Jackie Ashenden said...

Cheers for the shout-out, Lorraine! Here's hoping the cold will be on its way out soon!

Lacey Devlin said...

Ha ha! We can be carted off by the people in white coats together Lorraine! What I want to know is what came off worst the ironing board or your nose? I hope all body parts are still attached!!

Sally Clements said...

Point number 4 very valid, wondering what I can find to replace it when I finally give up and reinvent myself as something else.

Lorraine said...

Thanks Jackie.

Somehow I think I'd quite enjoy the funny farm if you were there Lacey :-) As to your question, well the ironing board is fine...

Aw Sally, you're a fab writer so I can't see you're going to have the need to reinvent. I have faith in you anyway.

Suzanne Jones said...

Hope you feel better soon - cold and nose.

We should lobby to have COD declared a recognised disorder.


Sally Clements said...

I reckon all types of ironing qualify as extreme ironing. do they still make that stuff u put in the washing machine with powder or liquid? Easy iron? used that for a while as non ironing solution (not very sucessful, but more time for other stuff)