Monday, 12 October 2009

A Dickens of a Week

Ten days since my last post and what have I achieved? 
Erm, pass. 
But by bizarre coincidence I went to an RNA chapter meeting on Wednesday held at a pub called 'Great Expectations' and then a few days later had a drink at a The Wagon and Horses at Beckhampton, visited by Charles Dickens in 1835 and used by him in 'The Pickwick Papers'.
Is it a sign? A sign I'm spending too much time in pubs maybe ;-)
But now comes the nitty gritty, after some excellent advice I've realised I've made an old mistake yet again - making my hero do something because I wanted him to, even though if I thought long enough about his character I'd realise it wasn't quite right.
So, more tweaks and a note to self to really think hard about character before plot in order to maintain credibility. 

Unfortunately most of this week will be taken up by brain testing in Liverpool which I know will wipe me out but if necessary I shall revert to the Red Bull and sweets combo that got me to the RNA meeting, it's truly dreadful but as effective as a defibrillator.

Is anyone else still tweaking their comp entries or have you already done the deed?


Jackie Ashenden said...

Wish our meetings were in quaint, picturesque English pubs. :-)

And I'd love to say I am tweaking my contest sub - sadly not. Am tweaking my next partial instead. Sigh.

Lacey Devlin said...

Standing by with the red bull and sugar ;) Good luck!

Caroline Storer said...

Still tweaking! But I must let it go soon. I'm like a mother hen with her chick at the moment - refusing to send it off - just in case...(!) Take care. Caroline x

Suzanne Jones said...

Done the deed???? Am not even half way through the first draft yet (cue hysterical laughter).

I've never been to an RNA chapter meeting - don't even know if we have any up here.


Lorraine said...

Sorry Jackie, should have said the picture is of the second pub. Reading is not quite so picturesque...

Thanks Lacey :-)

I know Caroline, it's hard to let them go isn't it? Something is just bound to occur to you after you hit send!

I think there is a Scottish group Suzanne, I know Judy mentioned it but it was too far south to be any use to me at home.
You'll get there with the comp chapter, I'm sensing a bit of a pattern, that you might be a last minute girl somehow ;-)