Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Weird and wonky

Work is progressing noisily on our renovation wreck (too noisy to deserve its writers' retreat label today). So far we've been told we have crazy electrics, weird plumbing and today the tiler announced we have wonky walls.
I have to keep dashing out to provide fresh tea when the swearing (theirs, not mine :-) gets too bad and as I type the tiler is laughing in a slightly hysterical way outside in the hallway.

It seems kind of symbolic of the weird wiring in my post head injury brain at the moment - I think everything's functioning okay and then something weird happens that throws me. V. annoying.
Anyway, I can't help wondering if it's affecting my writing too. Emails have to be checked several times before sending as often contain gobbledegook and I'm thinking this maybe explains my slow moving word counter. I have actually been working on Bridal Bet but have been going over everything I've written numerous times before moving on which is not how I normally write at all.

I'm interested to hear from anyone who's used speech to text software (as this will be easier on the bad eye and cut out some of the gobbledegook). I'm limited for choice because I use a Mac so I'm more interested in how it effects the writing process and how easy it is to adapt to a different way of working than a specific recommendation.

BTW sadly our plumber looks nothing like Mike from Desperate Housewives but it seemed a good excuse to post a nice photo :-)


Jackie Ashenden said...

Any excuse to post a nice photo! Sadly I haven't used any speech to text software. You could try using a small dictaphone as a test, just to see what it's like speaking aloud. You'll be in good company though - Barbara Cartland used to dictate all her novels!

Ah the joys of renovations...

Becca J. Heath said...

I need to call a tiler today too. The plumber fixed our leak bit kinda trashed the bathroom.
Funny, our plumber didn't look like that either.
Hope someone knows something about speech to text for you.

Lacey Devlin said...

The image of a big burly tiler laughing hysterically has just cracked me up, and I don't think I've ever heard of wonky walls before but I have had a house with crazy plumbing and electrics. Perhaps if I'd had a tiler in ...

I'm sorry I can't be any help with the voice recognition software I've always felt weird using it lol probably because the family kept asking if I was talking to myself ;)

Lorraine said...

Jackie - As you say, any excuse ;-) Yep, renovations are wonderful...once they're finished! Are you pretty much done with your house? Don't know why it didn't occur to me that they'd be drilling and that this might be a problem with the noise sensitivity problem I have. Just got excited about the idea of having a floor :-)

Becca - Yes, where are all these hot plumbers? It's a vital question that needs to be answered :-) I've been told by one person that it works quite well, even for editing, but just can't imagine not seeing the words. Jackie's idea about practicing with a dictaphone sounds good.

Lacey - Well I did worry at one point that he was having a nervous breakdown. I tried doling out tea and muttering about challenges and how life would be boring if everything was straight (actually felt slighted on behalf of my poor little croft house!) Not sure he bought it though.
I'd definitely have to be alone for the voice thing :-)

Judy Jarvie said...

Hi Lorraine - just wanted to send you a wee note to say if you want a time to meet up at RNA conference I'm game! Send me a line at judy at judy jarvie dot com (no spaces, normal dot). I don't want to miss out on meeting you so thought I'd say so. Can't wait for the conference, it's my second time and first time with an editor chat (gulparama!) I'm driving there so if you need station lift etc just shout. J x

Lorraine said...

Hi Judy, thanks for the offer :-) I'll send you an email.

Lorraine said...

Judy - I've tried emailing you twice, even used the link on your webpage but still got delivery failure message.
Could you email me at lorraine@pickinandco.com and I'll see if I can reply to that instead?
Thanks :-)

Suzanne said...

Oh, love Mike Delfino. He's just so nice - but still manly. And very handy to have around I would imagine.

Joanne Cleary said...

Strange but I thought Mike was better looking last series. This series he seems a bit girly. I think it that Catherine's fault.

Ok, back to real life. I think my house could rival yours Lorraine for the wonkiest house in Britain. My door frames and floors are so bad I have a 2 inch gap under the right hand side of my living room door whilst the other side sits where it should, just above the floor. Things actually roll along my living room floor, towards the window and the gappy door.

I think it goes with my wonky personality!!

Lorraine said...

Can you believe i have no channel 4 reception here? I have someone recording the current Desperate Housewives series for me and will watch it in one go. Not a fan of Catherine though.

Wonky houses have character Jo, that's what I keep telling myself anyway :-)