Sunday, 3 May 2009

It's research, honest ;-)

Have been grumpily researching heating this morning (has been a fresh fall of snow on the hills so I'm currently Aga hugging) and have deviated into much more interesting research - pictures of my latest alpha crush, Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker) in 'The Mentalist'. 
I was initially put off by the title but was glad I watched this latest US import. Patrick Jane is a perfect alpha IMO - he's always in control, a touch arrogant (but gets away with it) yet has an emotionally tortured past (aww). He's also very generous, a good guy but one who operates by his own rules, genuinely not caring what other people think. 
And so much more interesting than central heating too - really, he has it all ;-)


Suzanne said...

Oh, he's lovely. I keep meaning to watch The Mentalist as you're one of a number of people who've mentioned it in positive terms.

Hope it warms up for you. We've not had snow today, but I've had to put the heating on tonight.

Jackie Ashenden said...

What else has he been in, Lorraine? We don't have the Mentalist down in NZ but I'm sure I've seen him in something else.

Angie said...

And he's Australian! Don't we produce lovely men Down Under? :)

I couldn't agree with you more, Lorraine. He is pure alpha - confident & self-assured - slightly arrogant, but with a touch of cheekiness about him.

Jackie, he also was in the television show 'The Guardian' which was a legal drama. Simon Baker was also fantastic in that.

Lacey Devlin said...

I love the mentalist! Most of the time I know the ending but Simon makes it all worth while. His character is the most unique and complex I've seen in a long time. I'm endlessly fascinated. Don't you just love how each episode usually shows another tid bit about his past or his interaction with others? Anyone up to a kidnapping plan? ;-)

Lorraine said...

He is a lovely complex character, it's worth watching from the POV of character creation alone (See? Research :-)

I'm not sure about the kidnapping plan- I mean in ten seconds he'd be telling us our deepest secrets and psyching us out. Mm, might be worth it though ;-)

BTW Thanks to Angie for saving me looking it up!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Cheers Angie, but I don't think I saw The Guardian either. I have remembered where I saw him though - he was in The Devil Wears Prada. Thought he was cute in that too. Damn, we never get the cool programmes down in NZ! :-)

Amanda Holly said...

Yes most definitely what my friend would describe as ... pudding! And as it happens here in sunny South Africa we get another episode tonight! Yummy!

Jackie - yes! I remember him in The Devil Wears Prada. Love that movie!