Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Limboland and Tartan Sheep

I'm feeling a bit in limbo as I wait for my New Writers' Scheme report. It feels a bit like waiting for an exam result or a school report. I'm really hoping there will be some nice stuff in it to encourage me as well as some helpful pointers about things I might be blind to...

That is if I ever get it back. I have never, ever arranged a postal redirection and it go smoothly. This time I rang up Royal Mail and cancelled the redirection in place to the PIL's. Then I received a letter saying they had extended it for a year and wanted lots of money please! One phone call, some sarcasm (mine), an apology (theirs) later and I was reassured it was sorted out. Except all the post this week so far has gone to the PIL's house. Grr.

So while I'm in limbo here are some tartan sheep to look at - one of the best of today's April fools jokes :-)


Jackie Ashenden said...

What a fab sheep!! :-)

Argh, I know what waiting's like. Here's some cyber choccie for you. Or better yet, help yourself to a couple of cyber martinis. I'm sure there will be good stuff in the NWS report - when you get it.

Lorraine said...

I'm not sure anyone actually fell for the sheep thing - it was the Times April fool's joke, saying a farmer had bred a new breed of tartan sheep! A work of art anyway :-)

My ms has gone to the wrong address but I should get it back tonight. Alcohol may be required ;-)

Joanne Cleary said...

Ooooh your NWS report went to the pil?! I hope there are lots of lovely comments in there because I know how hard you worked. :-)

PS - love the sheep, glad you're home safe.

Suzanne said...

My daughter loves sheep - we frequently have to take the scenic route to school just so we can pass more of them (particularly when there are newborn lambs in the fields). An animal park near us has tartan sheep (genetically modified, they claim) but the colours do tend to fade and it's always best to phone before visiting to make sure they've had their roots done.

Agree with Joanne - there will be lots of positives in your report.

Suzanne said...

ps last word verification: hersome - half hero, half handsome, must be a good sign.