Thursday, 12 March 2009

Things my heroes will never do...

1) Mention the word 'compressor', ever.
2) Require my heroines to give an opinion about a car (apparently 'it's a car' and, if pushed, 'it's a nice car' are not enough :-)
3) Insist on treating my heroine to a detailed inspection of every car that he might ever buy and a few he will never buy.
3) Ask my heroine to wash his socks...

Okay, enough husband bashing, he knows I love him really and he did have the grace to say "Shall I shut up, am I boring you?" a couple of times as we traipsed around the Geneva Motor show.
It was actually more interesting than I'd thought, with a voice responsive robot that disco danced on command and an impressive simulator and games section.
Plus there were some seriously flash cars and I got to sit in an Aston Martin (which I have given my hero in 'Wanted - An Unconventional Wife') - so it was kind of research...
Sadly any flash alpha males were also cordoned off with the really expensive cars or in the VIP areas so there was no research of that kind to be done ;-)

Any suggestions as to what your heroes will never do?


Rachael Johns said...

*Leave their drawers open and their clothes lying on the floor.
*Not put the lids properly on Tupperware containers.
*Leave their whiskers in the sink.
*Not close the security/flywire door (it's there for a purpose).
*Not channel surf while I'm trying to watch TV!

Okay... better stop! I love my hubby really too and he's actually not a slob at all :) These are just the things I NEVER mention, but do slightly grate on my nerves...

Suzanne said...

He'd never throw all the heroine's books into a skip (yes - ex-husband bashing again, yes - still bitter, yes - loathe him still).

That robot's really cute.

Joanne Cleary said...

Sounds like your ex husband belongs in the skip Suzanne -- with my ex!! Just to clarify, I mean one of those skips with a sliding lid. So they can't get out. Me not bitter either. :-)

Erm ok onto Lorraine's question -- leave loo seat up, dislike dogs (or any animals, come to that), blow his nose in that annoying way men do, where it sounds like an elephant trumpeting (oh right, is that only my dad?!).

Jackie Ashenden said...

Yay to putting exes out in the rubbish!

*Leave clothes in the lounge
*Leave wet towels on the bathroom floor
*Be chronically late
*Snore like Concorde taking off

I could go on... :-) But then again he makes me coffee every morning so I really can't complain. As to the blowing of the nose, no, it's not just your dad!

Lorraine said...

I knew there was a reason why we like fictional heroes ;-)

BTW Suzanne, my husband would be an ex if he did that to me. I hope you've managed to build back your collection.