Sunday, 8 March 2009


My husband has bought me a ticket for the Geneva Motor Show. Now it's not the Geneva bit I object to, I really love Switzerland and the price of the flight with Easyjet (£30 return) would make it daft not to go along with him. But I was expecting to slip off and find a little cafe somewhere to eat pastries and drink hot chocolate, NOT traipse around looking at cars. 

Is this payback for all the bookshops he's been dragged around over the course of our relationship? I suspect he's only taking me to avoid the huge increase in brownie points I'd have to be awarded if I was left behind with his parents while he was off enjoying himself. (On the subject of brownie points I found a totally pointless gift on the net to record said points! No need to buy it - I keep a perfect tally :-) 

I asked the husband what people went to the motor show to see (hoping that there might be more to it than just cars) and the answer was 'cars and girls'. It seems I am to be treated to many examples like the one in the above photo! Unfortunately I'm not interested in either cars or girls (not in that way, anyway).
So, any bright ideas about how I can turn this from a completely pointless exercise into something more useful?
People watching I suppose, and trying to get some impressions of the kind of cars I'd want to give my heros maybe...
Either that or I'll slip out while he's injecting himself with petrol, or whatever it is that petrol heads do to prolong their sickness :-)

BTW I don't usually gad about so much but I'm taking advantage of free dog sitting at the moment. Pretty soon I'm heading back to my solitary confinement at the renovation wreck/hermit hideaway/writer's retreat (identity changes depending on my mood!) with my dogs and several buckets of pollyfilla!


Jackie Ashenden said...

Lorraine, all I can say is that be glad you're not going to a fishing show (unless you like fishing of course) otherwise there would be nothing to look at but fishing rods!
Why a fishing show? Because we have such things down in this neck of the woods. Oh and our motor shows are called something much more indicative of the type of patrons that attend: Big Boys Toys. Hahaha.

Lorraine said...

Big Boys Toys just about covers it!

Actually A fishing show would be much worse, i shall count my blessings :-)

Suzanne said...

It still sounds like a glamorous trip - even if it is to look at cars (said she who is trying to get a cheap Travelodge deal for the Easter break).


Joanne Cleary said...

Definitely glamorous because of all the rich people that will be there. Take a lot of pictures of hunky men you have lined up to be your next hero inspiration. Ask posh rich men to pose next to fab cars, stick one of your hero pictures over their face and ... voila ... instant story ideas. Probably.

Yes, ok, I am waffling to hide my insane jealousy. :-)

Lorraine said...

Suzanne - good luck with trying to arrange something. i don't think Travelodge do 'cheap' at Easter or any time anyone actually wants to stay there. You might find it's cheaper to fly to Geneva with sleazyjet instead :-)

Jo - sadly I think it's more likely to be men in macs and the show is the closest they're ever going to get to either a super car or a super model !!!