Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Getting hot under the collar

Since my last post Modern Heat has made it onto audible.co.uk (Hooray :-)

It's good timing - A fall down the stairs before Christmas has left me with nerve, muscle and ligament damage in my back and knee which a doctor cheerfully told me last week would take 3 months minimum to heal. The irritated nerves are stopping me from sleeping and as the bath is the one place I can unclench my teeth I spent last night there (yes, the whole night, very glad of the combi boiler!), listening to Heidi Rice's "Pleasure, Pregnancy and a Proposition". Thankfully Heidi managed to distract me with the sizzling interaction of her characters :-)

As the injury is just one of the unpleasant things being thrown across my path at the moment after "The End" of the audiobook and in the interests of not going stark raving mad I progressed to series 4 of Brothers and Sisters which arrived on my doormat with perfect timing (yes, I have come late to the 'Gilles Marini in his swimming trunks party' but better late than never ;-)

Also I have had a go at making a bag from M&B Riva covers - they are so fab it's not hard to make them look good! Click here to see the other M&B bags.


Jackie Ashenden said...

Heidi's book was awesome eh? I thought that one was great. So cool you can get it as a talking book!
BTW, your bag is fantastic!! You're just a little bit talented you know that? :-)

Joanne Coles said...

Amazing bag, Lorraine, Jackie is right - you're very talented :-)

I love Heidi's books, they have the perfect proportion of emotion, smart sassy characters and sex!