Friday, 24 December 2010

Winter Wonderland & Tracking Santa

It's pretty and it's cold, or should that be pretty cold? On the day it struggled to get above minus 16 (see the thick frost formed on top of the snow above) Pip started shaking and couldnt stop so I had to put him on a towel on the Aga! Some farmer friends put their sickly newborn lambs in their Aga's warming oven to keep them safe but luckily a stint on top sorted Pip out (see below ;-)

Whether you're sick of the snow or spending Christmas on the beach I hope you enjoy the photos. Have yourselves a peaceful Christmas and thank you for reading my blog.
If anyone wants to track Santa's progress there is a website that enables you to do just that - click here to read about it.


Rachael Johns said...

Have a fab Christmas Lorraine! Gorgeous photos.

Jackie Ashenden said...

So much snow! Have a lovely Christmas m'dear and stay warm!

Suzanne Jones said...

Lovely photos, Lorraine.

My 14-year-old was busy tracking Santa's progress all day yesterday - she was still up three hours after he'd visited Edinburgh, so I'm very surprised she got any pressies.


Lacey Devlin said...

Gorgeous photos! I'm so glad Pip's okay!!!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas


Romy said...

What stunning pictures - they'd make amazing calendars!

Joanne Coles said...

Your photos are amazing, Lorraine. Your little piece of paradise is certainly very beautiful.

But being a doggy person, I have to like the pic of Pip best. He's so cute up there on the Aga ... not sure mine would sit still so nicely ;-)

Sally Clements said...

Lovely pictures, Lorraine! I must admit, like Lacey, to loving that picture of Pip on the Aga! Hope the weather has warmed up a bit for you!

Elissa Graham said...

Lorraine to say I'm green with envy is like saying there's been some snow in the UK. LOTS of snow = LOTS of envy! And in Scotland too *sighs wistfully* how utterly utterly delicious. I'm in Australia and the hot weather is just kicking in (35C today and 37C tomorrow). But I do know all about shaking little dogs and I have to echo the last few comments about the photo of Pip being my fav. He's a charmer, that one. My furbaby - Tillie - is my hairy hot water bottle in wintertime.

Mind you the herry coo in your last post was adorable as well. Hope you have a fabulous New Year and that the internet gods are kind to you re: your connection. Enjoy and know I'm currently transmorphing from lime to emerald ;)

Lorraine said...

Think the Internet gods are peed off with me if the past week is anything to go by!

Pip thanks you for all your comments and agrees his photo is by far the most interesting ;-)

I can't imagine being sweltering hot at the mo, have been out to look at the paving slabs of ice on the river banks and it has started to snow again...

Sending a special wave to Tillie, an extra furry hot water bottle is welcome anytime :-)