Monday, 6 September 2010

Romance is Not Dead (but it might have cold feet!)

There's never a good time to be poisoned by your medication really, but the week before the launch of New Voices certainly wasn't the best timing for me to be laid low.
Being violently ill at the same time as realising the beginning of your chapter needs to be re-written isn't a good combination. Worst thing is I've been told it will be another week to ten days until the adverse reaction wears off and I can eat and drink properly again.
So why am I sitting at my computer instead of curling up with daytime TV world? Firstly, because I wasn't convinced The Michael Ball Show wasn't making the retching worse but secondly because next to not eating and not drinking, not writing is even more unpalatable.
Congratulations to those of you who've already uploaded your chapters. Diving straight in beats standing in the shallows getting cold feet. I've always been a 'walk in slowly while gauging the temperature' kind of girl myself when it comes to swimming in the sea (but then I do live in the UK and the sea is bloody freezing!)
I'm sure I'll take a last minute 'what the heck' plunge, once I've managed to re-write my beginning.
Good luck to all my blog friends, I'm looking forward to reading your entries :-)


ROFO said...

if you want to read/write about love and romance, you can post something on my blog

Romy said...

Hugs on the adverse meds Lorraine. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Joanne Coles said...

Good luck with your entry, Lorraine. The public will love your story, I'm already in love with your hero :-)

Maya said...

I have Minxy pompoms all ready to go, so take the plunge! Wishing you well, dear :)

Jackie Ashenden said...

Big hugs, m'dear! Take it easy huh? And come on in, the water's really warm...(not). :-)

Lacey Devlin said...

I have a little black pug visiting me today. She'd love a couch to herself thank you!

Bad medicine (although I don't blame you, it could have been Michael Ball ;-) ). Get well soon!! xx

Lorraine said...

Argh, the water's freezing!