Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Lessons learnt last week

  1. Doing character sheets can be fun and makes synopsis writing easier.
  2. Not checking emails/blogs until after lunch leads to getting more writing done (who'd have thought, eh?).
  3. Ditto only checking blogs twice a week. Being forced to go cold turkey during my internet-less period helped me break the habit. I love it but could spend all my energy checking blogs, answering emails and critiquing and have none left over to write.
  4. Looking at animal rescue websites invariably leads to a new addition to the household. Pipsqueak (the name I've given him) was found tied to a road sign half starved. I can only assume he was abandoned because he was old as he's a lovely little chap and has become my new pint-sized shadow. My other dogs have accepted him in true female fashion i.e. bickering amongst themselves while pretending not to have noticed him ;-)


Sally Clements said...

Ah, he looks gorgeous!

Judy Jarvie said...

He's a cutie!
Yes the internet is definitely a time/attention dwindler! Go go go!

Rachael Johns said...

Oh my goodness what an absolutely GORGEOUS addition! But don't know where you get your will power on the not checking emails till lunchtime from!

PS. My word validation is 'meness'

jenny wilson said...

I wush i had your discipline re blogs and internet

Caroline said...

Oh he's such a cutie! Grrrrrr to anyone who mistreats animals I say. They deserve to @%&^%$%^$$^ and ^&%$%$ - you get my drift I'm sure. Lov Caroline - proud owner to 2 rescue dogs - but if I could I'd have 100!

Maya said...

Great how-to advice, Lorraine. Unfortunately sometimes the lure is just too strong (see, I'm here now when I should be putting kidlets to bed!). My last week reaped, er, less fruit than yours! Your new addition is lovely!

Jackie Ashenden said...

You're stronger than I am! I spend way too much time on the interweb. Love the new doggie! He looks lovely and nice that your other dogs have accepted him.

Lacey Devlin said...

Aw how could anyone abandon him? You just want to give him a cuddle!

Romy said...

He is just too gorgeous - and so lucky you've given him a home and lots of love.

Joanne Coles said...

Yep, stronger than me too. I'm terrible for checking my emails. Doesn't help I have it on my phone, means I can check even more often than I already do.

Love the doggy, looks like a Cairn Terrier or Norfolk. Something like that anyway. Super super cute :-)

Anonymous said...

Aw...too cute to be true.

Suz XX

(Can't sign in at mo as am using shared computer.)

Lorraine said...

Sally - yes, he is gorgeous, and starting to realise it!

Judy - Thanks, I'm getting there, just a bit slow out of the starting blocks :-)

Rach - Erm, I may have stumbled there already!

Jenny - Thanks for visiting my blog. I wish I had my discipline too!

Caroline - my views exactly, just don't go looking at rescue sites or you'll have three like me!

Maya - I've succumbed! Still, it's always hard to take your own advice.

Jackie - it's amazing how much time it can eat up, at least you're still prolific :-)

Lacey - he loves cuddles and follows me everywhere.

Romy - yep, he's landed on his paws alright.

Hi Jo - I think he's a Norfolk/Yorkshire cross because he's very small.

Hi Ms Anonymous Suz :-) Right, time to turn my attention to cute men in my next post!