Friday, 20 November 2009


The neurophysiotherapist who is torturing, sorry I mean rehabilitating, me on a regular basis took one look at me last week and said "You look like you need a tonic."

Decided not to say "Yes, a gin and..." as she's an ultra healthy gym bunny. Was slightly depressed that after a month of viral bugs clinging to me like limpets I clearly look as bad as I feel.

Not being one for neat cod liver oil I prescribed myself a bit of rest and more watching of Michael Weatherly (obsessed, moi?) from my NCIS boxset when I suddenly got fresh inspiration for 'Secret Billionaire'. The part where Tony is deceiving Jeanne (apologies to non NCIS fans here) and yet falling in love with her and knowing it can't end well - it provoked me to start thinking more deeply about Luke and how he'd be feeling, why he'd be doing what he's doing and most importantly why on earth any reader should love a hero who starts off in a place of deception.

He'd changed so much with the revisions I didn't feel I knew him very well but now I've got to know him properly I realise I do actually love my hero again. Quite important really.

I've made brief contact with my missing Mojo who is still in Cannes claiming to be doing 'research' (the virtual chocs go to Jackie as a reward :-) but refuses to come back until it stops raining.
So I'll make a start anyway and hope Mojo comes back to join me at some point...


Caroline Storer said...

Hope you recover soon Lorraine! Take care. Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

Bad mojo! I'm sure you don't look bad your neurophysiotherapist probably knows you too well. I have a regular physiotherapist and she has a frightening habit of knowing exactly what's going on with me, usually before I do. Personally I'd give the gin and tonic a whirl ;)

Suzanne Jones said...

Oooh, gorgeous pic.

Hope your Mojo joins you soon.


Sri Pammi said...

I'm a big NCIS fan too. I like the part when Ziva tells Tony to 'Be a man, Tony' after Jeanne's father is killed. I love the current season too and wondering if something will finally happen between Tony and Ziva. I see definite signs, but then I would look for romance even in an Alien Sci-Fi show. Ok, NCIS gush over.

Hope you feel better soon.


Sally Clements said...

Falling out of love with your hero is bound to make you feel fluey, Lorraine, but now your back in love, that immune system will be getting a boost (hopefully) and before you know it you, mojo and hero will be settling down with margaritas. Keep well, hope you feel better soon. x

Jackie Ashenden said...

Getting out my mojo whip right now... Thanks for the chocs, they were delicious. And good to hear re Luke. I'm looking forward to meeting him. ;-)

Joanne Cleary said...

Hope the nasty bugs are leaving you alone now but thanks for the eye candy.

As you know, I love NCIS too. Am now sadly addicted to NCIS: la. I never fancied Chris O'Donnell in the slightest ... or ll CoolJ come to that, but now they are running around with guns and being all manly I have quite the crush. I'm seeing a Chris O'Donnell inspired character coming up in the future.

Lorraine said...

Thanks Caroline.

Actually Lacey I saw her yesterday and she said I was looking better so that's good! Re the gin -well a small amount of alcohol is supposed to help kill off a cold, apparently :-)

Hi Suzanne, it is a rather nice pic isn't it?

Hi Sri, you're in the US aren't you? So you must be a season ahead, I'm sooo jealous :-) Nice to meet another NCIS fan. Ziva has been totally in love with Tony for ages I think.

Thanks Sally, I think I just needed a rest really. I'm starting to finally kick the constant round of viruses anyway so that's a start.

I have to say Jackie there are times when having a CP on the other side of the world comes in useful. Such as when she's wielding a whip :-) Only joking, hopefully you'll get to meet him soon!

Hi Jo. NCIS:LA? What am I missing? Which channel is it on???

Joanne Cleary said...

NCIS: LA complete with LLCoolJ, remember him on the 80s song "I need love"?! and the very lovely Chris O'Donnell is on Weds nights on Sky One.

They did an ordinary episode of NCIS set in LA when Chris O'Donnell gets shot.

Ok, will stop hogging your blog now. And try to prevent the fan girl gushing!!

Lorraine said...

Thanks Jo. I don't have Sky, only freesat so I'll have to wait.