Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Definitely, absolutely NTAI

I am definitely, absolutely not doing any of the following:
  1. Wondering if my competition entry has made the shortlist mentioned in the contest update
  2. Thinking about how I'll feel if I get the generic 'abandon this project' email I got back from the competition last year.
  3. Wishing I was satisfied with the final edit I carried out under the fug of flu.
  4. Feeling depressed about my 'time passed to writing accomplished' ratio in recent months.
Although I have to admit that as the deadline draws nearer NTAI is becoming harder and harder. I'm trying to work on my other partial, employing what seems like perfect logic to me - that if I don't work on 'Reluctant Heir, Passionate Affair' then they'll want to see it... Hmm, well it seemed logical before I wrote it down :-)

How are you all bearing up?


Caroline Storer said...

Hi Lorraine - I think all us unpubs must feel ALL of your list some of the time. I had to give myself a metaphorical kick up the backside to get going again after the latest "R". So (((hugs)) to you at the moment! Take care. Caroline x

Jackie Ashenden said...

NTAI is horrible. I'm feeling it at the moment. Why are we doing this again?? ;-)

Rachael Johns said...

I feel your pain!!! I didn't enter the contest but am feeling ALL those things about my partial. I know an R is possible and I just don't know how much writing will take a flat out NO! Good luck to you. Can't wait to hear abou the contest winners!! Not long now...

Lacey Devlin said...

It's teaching us how to be patient without going insane... I don't think it's working ;)

Suzanne Jones said...

I'm rapidly becoming an expert at NTAI.


Amy said...

Glad to know I'm not the only who's superstitious! I can't help but think that the response (or lack of)I receive from the editorial team about my contest entry will be inversely proportional to the amount of effort I put into polishing the manuscript.

Best just to NTAI.

Sally Clements said...

Hi Lorraine
Feeling all of the points, rather severely. That and nano has me totally drained. Especially point 2, which I'm fatalistically trying to not expect.
Shudder, shudder, shudder.
Also number 4, although I think I'd have to substitute years for months.
Also NTAI partial I sent in in July which hasn't received any feedback. Writing is hard going!
Think we should all HOIN (hang on in there) although its difficult!

Joanne Cleary said...

I love the idea of HOIN but must admit I am so actively NTAI that I actually am TAI so that's rather a mute point.

I'll be really upset if I get number 2 on the list again because I love my story and want to finish it.

Not long now, but I don't think they've actually given a date--does it just say December?

Lorraine said...

Oh dear, think I've precipitated a relapse into TAI for you all, sorry! Ah well, at least we're in it together.

I'm TAI with a vengeance with the deadline coming up (people placed being notified by end of 30th November I think, Jo) and then the wait to see what sort of email you get...

Anonymous said...

Great post Lorraine!
I'm definitely unmotivated to work on editing my comp entry due to the high risk of number 2.

Lorraine said...

Hi Jane, you got a comp slip from the contest before last, didn't you? Ah well, here's hoping that they want fulls from everyone I know :-)

P.S. Will you change your name to Igotthecall when you sell???