Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Down a rabbit hole and being Kwirky

I've been a little quiet lately because the house moves wiped me out. Well that and a few unfortunate accidents involving a lamp plug that left a hole in my best jeans and, ahem, in my nether regions, several packing boxes lurking and deliberately tripping me up and a fall down a rabbit hole that has left me needing to use a walking stick. Really, those damn rabbits should remember to close their front doors ;-)
I've also been busy getting my craft stuff ready to sell at some upcoming Christmas markets but once that's all done intend to get down to some serious writing again.
These are some of the things I'm taking to the events. For news of events see my other blog - Kwirky Design
Also you can get a sneak preview of my Facebook store - Kwirky Kaleidescopes


Pearson Report said...

Once down the rabbit hole I just stayed there!

Those mugs and coasters are beautiful. I'll be heading off to our 2nd Annual German Christmas Market in the next few days and mug shopping is on my list.

Good luck with that rabbit hole.

Cheers, Jenny


Lorraine said...

Thanks Jenny, it's really nice to get some feedback :-)
I went to the Salzburg Christmas Market one year and loved it, hope you enjoy the German Market

Lucy King said...

Love the Kwirky things, but I wish the fair was a fortnight later. Am in the Chippenham area for Xmas!!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Those look fabulous, Lorraine! Hugs on the pesky rabbit hole thing too. Grrr.

Romy said...

Falling down a rabbithole ... there could be a story in that. Oh wait, there already is!

I love those designs, Lorraine. I hope you're bringing a bunch of stuff to the RNA conference next year.

Lorraine said...

Thanks guys :-)

Lucy - if you feel like a trip to the Tetbury Christmas Fairs I'm there the 9th and 15th :-)