Wednesday, 6 January 2010

It doesn't snow but it pours...

Some lowlights of 2010 so far:
  1. Falling flat on my face in a frozen forest and giving myself a black eye.
  2. Discovering this morning that the temperamental hot water supply has gone the same way as the heating and is now refusing to put in an appearance at all. Not great when the temperature is going down to minus 9 at night and unlikely to rise above zero for at least a week.
  3. Open warfare, resulting in a vet's visit this week, between my two dogs who have happily shared a basket and been the best of friends for four years. Any tips on how to restore harmony gratefully received.
  4. Going down with yet another stinking cold. Honestly, I didn't get colds at home in the Northern Highlands (too cold for the germs to survive perhaps?).
Some highlights of 2010 so far:
  1. Being snowed in today meant I got to miss physio and actually made some progress re-writing Secret Billionaire. Nobody faint, please ;-)
  2. The snow also meant I got to see Holly do a mad 5 minute roll in the snow, making very cute squeaky noises and making me laugh.


Caroline Storer said...

Ohh Lorraine - the black eye sounds painful! Hugs that it gets better soon. And hugs on the no heating or hot water. Brrr! It sounds as if you are struggling. Take care. Caroline x

Joanne Cleary said...

Oh no! That's terrible, what a way to start the year. I hope the black eye fades quickly and the heating is restored or replaced soon.

As for the dogs, apparently they fight when they do not detect a dominant being and so they are fighting amongst themselves to find the alpha (proving that everything comes down to a dominant alpha!!). In theory, a human should be the alpha--Jan Fennell has an excellent book that deals with this. But, basically, you just have to reassert dominance over the dogs. You eat before them, you invite them to come to you for affection rather than the other way around. And that's all theory because I'm pretty crap at asserting dominance over my dogs!

But yay on the writing :-)

Lacey Devlin said...

I love the pictures!

I wouldn't admit I'd fallen over if I were you. Tell people you fought of thirty bikers... and watch while they try to work out whether you're telling the truth :D

Sally Clements said...

Oh dear, cold and bruised, poor you! And the heating and water, gets worse and worse. Glad to hear the writings going well though, and well done on finding a hot man in pants for Joanne. Could always warm hands on the picture, I guess. Hope things improve soon. The weatherman here said it would improve by March (shriek!) (but what do they know?)

Judy Jarvie said...

Huge Hugs Lorraine.
I don't like this much snow. Though your doggy is very cute in it, it has to be said. Hope you feel better soon. jx

Suzanne Jones said...


Hope the eye and the cold mend soon. It's lethal out there at the moment. Hope you're managing to keep warm.

Maya said...

Oh No's! on the lowlights. Hope your eye isn't hurting you too much. Stinking colds are the pits. Please look after yourself.

Yayyy on getting some writing done. Holly is soo cute. Makes me want to jump in the snow, too!


joanne pibworth said...

oh no Lorraine, it doesn't sound much fun at all at the moment for you.
Arnica is magic for bruises and the like, might help your eye. x

Lorraine said...

Thanks guys and thanks for the tips. I hope those of you who are suffering the cold weather are managing to stay warm.

I'm considering Lacey's biker story but suspect people would think I'm deranged!

P.S. Snow rolling not advisable unless wearing a thick fur coat. Or if you've just been in a sauna maybe, but even then I'm not convinced...